These resources supplement our Stories and provide ways for students, educators, researchers, and community members to learn more and take action. Check back often as we will continue adding to our list, and Contact Us if you have any resources or actions to share.

Climate Migration Syllabus

The #ClimateMigrationSyllabus is a crowd-sourced, expanding set of resources for further reading, research, and action. This syllabus is designed to introduce critical climate refugee studies to scholarly and public discussions about climate migration. In other words, we aim to challenge prevailing narratives about climate and migration “crisis” that sow division and despair, and instead invite readers to define challenges and opportunities surrounding climate migration through critical thought and debate. Above all, we urge audiences to listen primarily to the voices and expertise of those who are most impacted.

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K-12 Curriculum

Our curriculum includes a broad multi-unit “Climate-Induced Migration: A High School Curriculum’’ and a range of K-12 curriculum units in a variety of disciplines developed and piloted by teachers in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district in North Carolina. Curriculum developed with support from National Geographic Society and the Charlotte Teachers Institute.

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Take Action

Get involved and help raise awareness about climate migration! Check out our Press and Social Media Toolkits, Community Discussion Guide, campaign information, and list of organizations.

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