The #ClimateMigrationSyllabus

Updated: May 20

The #ClimateMigrationSyllabus is a crowd-sourced, expanding set of resources for further reading, research, and action. This syllabus was initiated and built by students in Tina Shull's Fall 2019 course "Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights 135: Climate Migration: Histories, Borders, and Activism" at Harvard University. If you have resources to share, please email

The thirty-four sections of the syllabus listed below are arranged by theme in order to first introduce readers to histories, definitions, and concepts surrounding climate-induced migration and climate justice, and then to explore climate migration by geographic region, and finally to provide tools for forging solutions and taking action.

Authors and contributors for each section are credited within; each section is further arranged by theme and resource type. Feel free to work through the syllabus in order, or jump to sections that are most relevant to your interests. Sources are hyperlinked where possible. Please note that the use of an asterisk (*) denotes sources that require a subscription or educational access.


Key Concepts

Introduction to Climate Migration

Definitions & Data

What's at Stake: Climate Change's Impact on the Human and More-Than-Human World

Climate Justice = Migrant Justice

Histories of Climate Change and Migration

First Approaches: Theory and Ethnography

Human Rights and Climate Refugees in International Law

Race, Class, and Gender

Environmental Racism

Climate Change and Houselessness

Food (In)Security and Migration

Public Health and Pandemics

Humanitarian Responses to Climate Change

Militarism and Climate Change

Borders, Prisons, and Immigration Control

Extractive Industries and Economies of Displacement

Indigenous Rights


Climate Change Denialism and Anti-Migrant Politics

Climate Migration by Region

The United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada

Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean

South America



The Middle East


Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand

Taking Action

Eco Grief: Coming to Terms with Climate Change


Stories of Hope, Survival, and Resilience


Fiction and Science Fiction

Poetry, Music, and Art

Tools for Telling Your Own Story

The #ClimateMigrationSyllabus is curated by Tina Shull. Special thanks to the students of EMR 135: Chris Altizer, Arielle Blacklow, Brinkley Brown, Lucero Castaneda, Ilana Cohen, Miriam Engeler, Natalia Fuentes, Andrea Garza Erdmann, Keanu Gorman, Sienna Leis, Gabi Maduro Salvarrey, Hania Marien, Liz Masten, Carolina Sepulveda, Casey Soto, Bethany Tietjen, Rosa Vazquez, Dana Vigue, Kaitlin Wheeler, Morgan Whitten, and Trancy Zhu. Special thanks also to contributors Saumaun Heiat and Tanaya Dutta Gupta.

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