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Climate Refugee Stories and our partners strongly believe in free and open access to knowledge. We want the stories and content we share here to be accessible, easy to share and reuse.

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The content on this website is offered under one of four licenses, as noted in our Stories and the Archive:

  • Public Domain: This content is in the public domain and is completely free of known copyright restrictions. You may use it for any project, commercial or non-commercial.

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    • Attribute the work
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    • Offer any work that builds on the content under these same conditions

    For more information, see the license details at Creative Commons.

  • Copyright, with special 3rd party grant permitted: This content is under copyright; but the owner has permitted to grant license for use. In most cases, not-for-profit educational use is available free of charge. You must Contact Climate Refugee Stories for permission prior to re-using the material.

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