Climate Refugee Stories is a multimedia narrative, archiving, and education project that uplifts the stories of people around the world who have been displaced by direct or indirect impacts of climate change, and documents the ways communities are resilient in the face of overlapping crises–including the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are currently no legal protections for climate migrants in international law. In many places, Indigenous relationships to land and natural resources continue to go unrecognized, and environmental defenders face policing and persecution. Patterns of displacement and inequality are further exacerbated by increasing militarization, border controls, and politics of climate denial.

But there is hope. We invite storytellers and audiences to debate and define climate refugees for themselves - to explore the historical, political, economic, and environmental causes of migration in order to bridge movements for social and environmental justice.

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This project is funded with support from the University of California’s Critical Refugee Studies Collective, the National Geographic Society, and the North Carolina Humanities Council.


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Climate Migration: Docu-Series Watch Party



CTI Fellow Creates Original Curricula on Immigration and Climate Change

Students at Whitewater Middle School
Students at Whitewater Middle School in Charlotte. Photo Credit: Mariella Fernandes, Charlotte Teachers Institute, November 16, 2021.



Shifting Climates - Shifting People

Eco-Justice Conference
The Center for Eco-Justice Conference, ILIFF School of Theology, October 21-22, 2021.



“Climate Refugee Stories,” led by Tina Shull, PhD, History, UNC Charlotte



Climate Refugee Stories: Building an Archive of Resistance

Nearly Carbon Neutral Conference
Confronting the Climate Crisis with Systemic Alternatives in the Age of Coronavirus, A Nearly-Carbon Neutral Conference, UC Santa Barbara, October, 2021.

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